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About us

Uptown Marble Restoration has been in the market for marble restoration, grout cleaning, tile, polishing in general for 7 years. Running services that surprise in the details. We are always attentive to new processes and and products that appear on the market. We work efficiently and in detail. Our mission is to serve the customer in need with the most convenient technology for every need. Our goal is to guarantee the full satisfaction of our customers!


Bring the best cost x benefit to our clients through granite restoration, marble and noble stones installed in their buildings.


Be one of the best companies in the region for cleaning, restoration and polishing services.


- Honesty - Enthusiasm - Respect

Our Services

Restoration Services

Restoration of granite and marble floors, grout removal and application, corrections of modifications caused by time, removal of dirt, stains, and pore closures with recovery of the natural shine of the stone. The work is done by qualified professionals, suitable machines, products and diamond grind specific to each type of floor and a suitable processo for recovering the natural shine, ensuring the quality and durability of a new floor.

Stone Polishing

The stone with the right polish brings class and beauty in any environment. The techniques adopted by UpTown Marble Restoration all natural shine to different types of stones leaving them infinitely more shiny and mirrored. Restoring is much more cheaper than buying a new stone, and best of all, without dirt and dust.

Stone and Grout Cleaning

Technical cleaning uses manual machines, waxing machines, materials and specific products for each type of floor. After the restoration the sealer will be applied! We offer deep cleaning on different surfaces, maintaining their characteristic aspect through appropriate treatment for each type of environment.


Marble and travertine polishing, using specific machines and qualified professionals for part recovery


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